Chez Moi

Chez Moi

My feelings after the movie? Excited. After watching, you'll admin that, Chez Moi has few really great moments. This movie presents so many good scenes. I read through the reviews on this site and most of people liked Chez Moi. It is certainly a good movie, but I don't feel that fascination. I couldn't believe I haven't found this movie before. Basically the same concept as other Phuong Mai Nguyen movies, but for real, it is completely different. There is no competition for Chez Moi in 2015 for the best movie of the year. You will be excited with this movie, don't wait and play the stream.

Genre: Animation, Drama

Actors: Orso Camus

Directors: Phuong Mai Nguyen

Country: France

Quality: HD

Release: 2015

IMDb: 7,5

Views: 107