Detective Chinatown

Detective Chinatown

This movie was a nice surprise for me. Everyone will like Detective Chinatown. When I read about new Sicheng Chen movie, I instantly buy cinema ticket. I am going to do my review a little bit different from how everyone else is doing it. Detective Chinatown tells the story that cannot be counterfeited. I couldn't believe I haven't found this movie before. This movie has action in it, but it's not only about action. Small things which are great, are making this movie so good. Play the movie right now, don't waste your time.

Genre: Action, Comedy

Actors: He Chen, Haoran Liu, Liya Tong, Baoqiang Wang

Directors: Sicheng Chen

Country: China

Quality: HD

Release: 2016

IMDb: 6,4

Duration: N/A

Views: 138