Semi Pro

Semi Pro

What I think after watching the movie? I want to watch it again! Semi Pro isn't just typical Kent Alterman movie Literally, let this movie blow your mind. You just can't reject this movie. It is a movie with serious, original story, it will surprise you. How something created by such talented guy like Kent Alterman can be not a good movie? I haven't left so good review for any movie since very long time. This movie is like a punch in the face to other top directors. Very interesting movie, honestly.

Genre: Comedy, Sport

Actors: Will Ferrell, Woody Harrelson, André Benjamin

Directors: Kent Alterman

Country: United States

Production: New Line Cinema, Mosaic Media Group, Donners' Company

Quality: HD

Release: 2008

IMDb: 6,3

Duration: 91 min

Views: 19