The Big Brawl

The Big Brawl

Honestly I had low hopes for this movie before watching, but it surprised me. Everyone will like The Big Brawl. Robert Clouse made a movie with really smart conversations. The Big Brawl brings different sight on action movies The Big Brawl is solid enough for top 10 all time. Sign me up for the next part of The Big Brawl Basically the same concept as other Robert Clouse movies, but for real, it is completely different. I'm pretty sure you'll enjoy watching The Big Brawl just as I do. Now, watch and enjoy :)

Genre: None

Actors: Jackie Chan, José Ferrer, Kristine DeBell, Mako, Ron Max, David Sheiner, Rosalind Chao, Lenny Montana, Pat E. Johnson, Mary Ellen O'Neill

Directors: Robert Clouse

Country: United States, Hong Kong

Production: Golden Harvest Company, Warner Bros. Pictures

Quality: HD

Release: 1980

IMDb: 6,0

Duration: 95 min

Views: 148