The Dead Inside

The Dead Inside

The Dead Inside is one of my favorite movies from year 2011 The Dead Inside isn't just typical Travis Betz movie This movie will get your mind explode. I agree that this movie just isn't for everyone, some people won't like it. Like most movies, there are plenty of things to like about The Dead Inside It was clear, The Dead Inside will be a good movie, I knew that after first trailer. If you want to move back to year 2011 it's great opportunity. This movie is like a punch in the face to other top directors. Much gratitude toward this movie, you'll love it too.

Genre: Horror, Musical

Actors: Sarah Lassez, Dustin Fasching

Directors: Travis Betz

Country: United States

Production: Drexel Box Productions, Hundy Gilbert Media, Robot vs Dinosaur

Quality: HD

Release: 2011

IMDb: 7,0

Duration: 98 min

Views: 13