The Killer Meteors

The Killer Meteors

Sadly over-hyped, that's what I thought about this movie, but I've changed my mind. This movie deserves top 1 on imdb. Literally, let this movie blow your mind. I read through the reviews on this site and most of people liked The Killer Meteors. Finally I found good streaming quality of this movie. Paid haters: gtfo, this movie is great. I haven't left so good review for any movie since very long time. No movie made me so excited last time while watching online. Play the movie right now, don't waste your time.

Genre: Action, Thriller, Comedy

Actors: Yu Wang, Jackie Chan, Liu-li Lan, Ling Lung Yu, Hui Lou Chen, Shen-lin Chen, Kuo Chung Ching, Han Hsieh, Han Chang Hu, Wei Hu

Directors: Wei Lo

Country: Hong Kong, Taiwan

Production: Lo Wei Motion Picture Company

Quality: HD

Release: 1976

IMDb: 7,6

Duration: 104 min

Views: 118