The Red Squirrel

The Red Squirrel

My feelings after the movie? Excited. After watching, you'll admin that, The Red Squirrel has few really great moments. If you have watched other films of Julio Medem then you will like this one too. I agree that this movie just isn't for everyone, some people won't like it. Finally I found good streaming quality of this movie. Paid haters: gtfo, this movie is great. Basically the same concept as other Julio Medem movies, but for real, it is completely different. I feel better after watching The Red Squirrel Have a great time watching online!

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Musical, Mystery, Romance

Actors: Emma Suárez, Nancho Novo, María Barranco

Directors: Julio Medem

Country: Spain

Production: Sociedad General de Televisión (Sogetel)

Quality: HD

Release: 1993

IMDb: 7,6

Duration: 114 min

Views: 276